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Job Description

The Finance Business Administrator is responsible for performing a variety of
financial and administrative duties. This role is responsible for strategizing on and
planning for financial goals by working daily to achieve and maintain the financial
health of YLB. He/She will maintain accurate records and is required to remain
compliant with all laws and company policies at all times. This means the role will
have high ethics, integrity, and accountability.


Essential Job Functions
• Maintain a constant relationship with YL Brand’s key stake holders; BUCs,
Accountant and Trade Marketing.
• Prepare and post receipts, deposits, purchase orders, invoices, refunds, and
other standard bookkeeping tasks
• Prepare, track, and reconcile ledgers and budgets
• Create financial and inventory reports
• Identify and correct miscalculations and financial discrepancies
• Run and update databases
• Develop and streamline operational efficiencies
• Stay current with all regulations, requirements, and laws

• Proven work experience as a finance administrator or similar
• Practical experience with accounting software (such as QuickBooks),
spreadsheets (such as MS Excel), and databases (such as MS Access)
• Able to quickly learn and adapt to new software and processes
• A solid understanding of bookkeeping procedures including crediting and
debiting appropriate accounts, posting entries to ledger accounts, and
reconciling accounts
• Effective written and verbal communication skills
• Works well in a team environment and with upper management
• High level of critical thinking and logical analysis
• Good organizational and time management skills
• Able to work well under pressure and meet all deadlines
• Always keeps the highest standards of compliance and confidentiality

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