TEAM LEWIS provides full PR, marketing and digital services to drive tangible results for clients around the world. Its agile approach allows brands to adapt to market opportunities and win the war for relevance.

About Company

So many young, talented people apply to join us. We’re looking for diversity. Of course, that’s about ethnicity, gender, disability and orientation. We also believe though that it must include background, education and circumstance. We know many will be unable to afford college. Some will not want the debt. Some will believe there are better options at work. Some are in a hurry to start their careers. You might be someone changing your life mid-career or returning to work after a break.

We don’t care where you’re from. If you’re facing the same direction, we want to speak to you. Finally, we believe different people have different skills. Our leaders come many different backgrounds. One failed all their exams. One was a motorcycle mechanic. Another was a printer’s assistant and has no degree. All great success stories are based on an attitude that can overcome repeated failure. There are many different types of intelligence. You can read more about this here.

What we’re interested in is people who have a story and can tell it. Make us a minute of video. Tell us your story!

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