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George Kent (Malaysia) Berhad (“George Kent” or “the Group”) has an established history and proven track record in delivering quality products and projects to both the private and public sectors in this region as well as overseas.

About Company

George Kent is committed to helping customers achieve sustainable growth and creating value for stakeholders. With a market reach that spans more than 40 countries, our metering products and solutions have attained the highest standards recognised by the relevant authorities, as accorded through local and international certifications.

Today, our brand has received wide acceptance and continues to be well-regarded for innovativeness and value for money. The Group continues to make its mark in rail transportation and construction of hospitals – competently meeting the expectations and set standards of project owners and employers. As we are moving towards a more streamlined direction in projecting our core strengths, we have categorised our company into two divisions, namely “Engineering” and “Metering”.

The Engineering division has also kept the Group in a forward-moving course as it has enabled the Group to deliver more than 30 projects in the water infrastructure, water works and services, rail transportation and hospital construction sectors.

These two divisions will continue to ensure the Group is integrally involved in delivering products and projects which the Group’s future will be invested upon for now and in the long term.

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