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About cbs Corporate Business Solutions 

cbs is a global consulting practice originated from Germany with more than 3000 international projects over the last 25 years. We advise the world’s most notable companies: renowned, highly innovative customers and hidden champions of the global manufacturing, pharma, life science, chemical, and automotive industries.

We have expanded into Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and China in the Asia Pacific while delivering global roll-out projects in other countries. cbs share the same goals, passion and value in driving our customer’s digital transformation agenda. We take a business-driven, technology-enabled approach in delivering our digital transformation, focused on solving critical business problems. From an end to end perspective, we cover people, structure, process and technology with our highly skilled and dedicated process and technology consultants developed and trained from our global programs.

Over the years, cbs have developed our methodology, frameworks, tools, and assets to accelerate delivery, de-risking projects, optimising total effort and cost, and ensure success for our customer’s investments. We are one of the few SAP partner’s globally who develops, own and operate our complex transformation tool to enable a seamless transition to S/4HANA with Near-zero downtime while retaining historical data, adopting new capabilities and process improvements that maximise the value of investments.

We also have a close partnership with SAP and their product teams in Walldorf, jointly innovating and aligning our products to SAP latest technologies, making us the few partners with technical depth and excellence in solving complex problems.

cbs is part of the Materna Group – Headquartered in Heidelberg, with international offices including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Switzerland, Spain, Finland & the USA.

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